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  • Bylaws

  • How to File a Complaint

    If you have a complaint you may

        a) Email the Board at info.bergensprings@gmail.com

        b) Drop a written note at the Community Hall

        c) Mail it to

              Complaint Response Committee

              RR2, Site 2, Box 33 

              T0M 1X0

    Please ensure that you include your contact information so that the Board may respond.

  • Guest Notification

    NOTE: It is the owners responsibility to ensure their guests are aware of and follow the bylaws.

    There are NO OFF ROAD AREAS FOR MOTORIZED VEHICLES anywhere within the park. (quads, ski-doos or what ever). Also, the 15 KM/Hr speed limit applies to all vehicles. If you have guests in the park driving any vehicles around please make sure they know and abide by the rules.

  • Notice to Pet Owners

    In the past we have had several complaints about dogs (especially large dogs) leaving their mess on the road, on private property and on common property. It is the pet owners responsibility and OBLIGATION to pick up after their pets. Just because it is winter it does not mean you can scrape a little snow over it because it will still be there in the spring for your neighbours to to see, smell and ultimately have to clean up.

    Please be responsible and clean up after your pets.

  • Board Meeting Minutes

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