Frequency Asked Questions

Can I address the Board at a Board meeting?

Yes, of course, but you’ll need to make an appointment first so that we can allot a specific time for you within our agenda. You’ll find details on how to make your request HERE.

Do I need approval to make a change on my property?

That depends on what kind of change you’re making. Painting your shed is one thing, but building a new one is something else entirely. You’ll need approval from the Board in writing for any substantial changes you want to make to your lot—new buildings, additions to an existing building, etc. Schedule “A” in the BYLAWS has all the details. Email the Board with your plans for the change and we’ll get back to you. If in doubt, please contact the Board first to avoid any potential issues.

Can I use the Community Hall?

Yes, but please book the hall in advance to avoid disappointment.  You can submit a Hall booking request HERE.

What am I allowed to put in the dumpsters?

Only standard household garbage is allowed in the dumpsters. No construction materials, please!  Never put firepit ashes in the dumpster—this can ignite a fire in the dumpster and also in the garbage truck. This has occurred in the past so please be careful! Take old propane bottles, appliances, etc. to an AREA DUMP.

Where can visitors park?

Parking is allowed only on your lot, not on roadways. A few additional park spaces may be found near the main entrance. If you have several visitors that need to park near the entrance, please contact the Board first.

How do I file a Bylaw infraction?

Any owner may submit a complaint to the Board. Anonymous complaints are accepted. You’ll find details on filing a bylaw complaint HERE.

What do I need to know about Quads, ATVs, Golf Carts, etc?

Quads, ATVs, and Golf Carts are allowed, but only on the roadways within the Park. Please note the Speed Limit is 15 km/hr. All vehicles must clearly display the owner’s lot number (or the lot number of the owner you’re visiting, if you’re a guest). Lot owners assume full responsibility for the actions of their guests. Anyone 13 or younger is required to wear a CSA-approved helmet while operating or riding in such a vehicle.

Is the Garden at the entrance for all residents?

Please inquire about availability by sending an email to 

I find the Bylaws hard to read. Is there a simple summary somewhere?

The poster WHAT’S ALLOWED ON YOUR LOT provides a clear summary of the development restrictions from Schedule “A” of the Bylaws.