• How to Call 911

    New 911 Rural Addressing

    Mountain View County is introducing a shortened format for rural addresses.

    The new format looks like this:

                <your_lot_number>-5227 Twp Rd 320  

    So, if your lot is 198, your new address would be: 198-5227 Twp Rd 320.  The county will update the signage at the entrance to the park. Note that this change won’t affect the lot numbering or park map. Rural addressing allows 911 operators to help fire, ambulance, and police find your lot quickly in an emergency. These addresses are essentially street addresses for rural residences.

    Keep a copy of your rural address close to your phone in case of emergency.

    Please read through the tips on calling 911 in the Fire Smart, Health, Safety section of this website

    TIPS for call 911

    In case of an emergency the first thing to do is CALL 911 it is critical that you get help ON THE WAY as soon as possible.

    Then get the AED and First Aid kit from the First Aid Station if there is any chance it may be needed. If someone is free to help then have them get it anyway.


    STARS AIR AMBULANCE  Our Site Number is 6877.

    We are registered with Stars Air Ambulance so that in an emergency they will know where to land their helicopter.  During the summer it will be in the front field and during the winter it will be on the main entrance road.



    The address to give 911 or EMS in case of emergency

         <your_lot_number>-5227 Twp Rd 320

    Tell them to turn left or right after they come in the front entrance.

    If you call 911 they will first want to know your,



    Phone number:

        Write it down because you may not remember your own number or it may be someone else that is using your phone to call for help.

        They need this information so that if they lose communication with you they know where you are and how to contact you again.

        To assist the EMS

    If you are inside your cabin or trailer

        Turn on the outside lights (if at night)

        Unlock the door so they can get in

        If you have a dog you should lock it in a separate room even if you think it is friendly, under stressful situations pets can react strangely.

  • AED Info

    Lifeline VIEW AED

    1. Push the GREEN POWER BUTTON and follow directions
    2. Directions on how to use the AED are loud and clear and will also be visually shown on the front of the AED.
    3. There are smaller PEDIATRIC PADS with the AED for children 8 years old and younger these should replace the Adult pads. These pads are placed on the front and back of the child.