Drinking Water

Drinking Water Operations

  • From three wells and a distribution system that services every lot throughout Bergen Springs, drinking water is available from late May through early October at the Park. The exact dates for water startup and shutdown can vary each season depending on the weather, but the Board will inform owners in advance whenever possible.

    Since May of 2017, we have engaged a Certified Water Operator to maintain our drinking water at the Park, as required by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). Our water operator is responsible for handling all aspects of our drinking water system  treatment, testing, and reporting   in accordance with government standards.

    Our current water operator is Sampson Water Services Ltd.

Drinking Water Safety Plan

AEP requires water operators to prepare a comprehensive Drinking Water Safety Plan (DWSP) for the water system they look after. When preparing a DWSP, water operators are expected to:

  • consider the source of the water
  • analyze how the water is treated
  • assess the storage and distribution of the treated water
  • analyze and understand any risks that could affect the safety of our drinking water
  • determine the actions required to mitigate any risks
  • implement all required actions

AEP looks upon the DWSP as a “living document” that must be reviewed regularly and updated when necessary.

Download the Drinking Water Safety Plan (Excel Spreadsheet) by clicking HERE.