How to Call 911

911 Rural Addressing

Mountain View County uses the following format for rural addresses:

<your_lot_number>-5227 Twp Rd 320

For lot number 198, your address would be: 198-5227 Twp Rd 320.  When used for emergency services, indicate if services should turn left or right to your location.

The East Entrance Garage has a phone which can be used to call 911.  In case of EMERGENCY break the glass to access the KEY to the door.

This phone is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY.

When You Call 911

If you call 911, the operator will ask for your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

Write this information down because you may not remember your own number at the time or someone else may be using your phone to call for help. The 911 operator will need this information so that if they lose communication with you, they’ll know where you are and how to contact you again.

To assist the EMS

If you’re inside your cabin or trailer:

  1. Turn on the outside lights (if at night).
  2. Unlock the door so EMS can get in.

If you have a dog you should lock it in a separate room even if you think it’s friendly, because under stressful situations pets can be unpredictable.

STARS Air Ambulance

Bergen Springs Estates is registered with Stars Air Ambulance.  Our Site Number is 6877.  During the summer the helicopter will land in the front field and during the winter it will land on the main entrance road.