• Septic Tank Info

    We currently have an arrangement with a Sundre service provider for septic tank service. To request a tank pumpout:

    1. Write a cheque payable to “Bergen Springs Condominium Association” for the amount listed for your tank size in the table.
    2. Include your lot number on the cheque.
    3. Drop your cheque in the mailbox slot at the Community Hall mailbox (or mail it to the BSCA mailing address).

    If you drop off your cheque by Sunday 11:00AM, you can expect a pumpout that week between Monday and Thursday.

    Emergency pumpouts are very expensive, so please monitor your tank and allow time for the service to be completed.

    Please ensure you leave a clear path for the truck to access your tank. If the truck cannot directly access your tank, you will be charged an additional $10 for every extra hose required to reach your tank.

    *** In the winter, check your tank for ice before you arrange for a pumpout.  If there's ice, you may need to break it up or supply a temporary heat source.  If they can't get a hose down through the ice, they won't be able to pump out your tank. ***

    Please note that Condominium Corporation No 911945 (“Bergen Springs”) will notify third-party septic service providers of your request for septic service.  Accordingly, under no circumstances shall Bergen Springs and its Board of Directors be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you whatsoever arising out of or in connection with such septic service.  

    NOTE: Never put wet wipes into your septic tank! Wet wipes clog up the hoses and screens at the Sundre sewage lagoon. USE TOILET PAPER ONLY!

  • Fee Schedule

    Fees as of November 1, 2018 with GST included.

    Tank Size (Gal) Total (GST in)
    0-500 99.75
    501-1000 152.25
    1001-1500 231.00
    1501-2000 283.50
    over 2000 336.00